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6Marco Muenchhof and Tarunraj Singh: Minimax Robust Jerk Limited Control of Flexible Structures. Proceedings of the CSME Forum 2002, Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2002. Language: Englisch
This paper is concerned with the design of robust jerk limited controllers for flexible structures. In order to eliminate residual vibration at the end of the maneuver, a time-delay filter, forming the command input, is used. A minimax optimization scheme is employed to make the controller more robust with respect to parametric uncertainties. The degree of robustness can be chosen arbitrarily. The minimax setting permits for the easy inclusion of statistical information concerning these parametric uncertainties. The controller design accounts for both limits in the magnitude as well as the timerate of change of the control input. Among other benefits, this class of control sequences shows a favorable frequency spectrum compared with the jerk unconstrained sequences. The method is illustrated on the undamped as well as the damped Floating Oscillator benchmark problem.
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