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3Marco Muenchhof, Tim Hindle, and Tarunraj Singh: Modeling and Control of Pantograph and Contact Wire for High Speed Train. Proceedings of the 2000 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2000. Language: Englisch
The paper focuses on the modeling and control of a catenary-pantograph system. For the catenary system, only the contact wire is considered. Initially, the case of a constant force traveling at a constant velocity along the wire is investigated and closed form solutions are derived. Next, the pantograph dynamics are considered using a simple spring-mass-damper model, where the force is no longer assumed to be constant. The need for control in this case is apparent and motivates two different control strategies. The first control strategy utilizes a feed-forward Fourier series control profile. For the second control strategy, a proportional force feed-back control is added. All control parameters are obtained using constrained optimization techniques. Stability and sensitivity issues are addressed.
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