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18Marco Muenchhof: Fault Management for a Smart Hydraulic Servo Axis. Proceedings of the Actuator 2006, Messe Bremen GmbH, 2006. Language: Englisch
An overview of newly developed model-based fault management methods for a hydraulic servo-axis will be presented. Parity equations are used to supervise the hydraulic servo axis. Upon he detection of a fault, the system was typically shut down for repair in the past. However, after the diagnosis of the fault, a fault management system could also initiate measures to limit the impact of the fault. Such a measure could be the substitution of a faulty sensor signal by the output of a process model signal driven by other, still intact sensors. In this paper, an approach exploiting the so-termed analytical redundancy to substitute the displacement sensor signal of a hydraulic servo axis upon detection of sensor faults is developed. All methods presented in this paper have been evaluated at a test-bed.
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