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12Harald Straky, Marco Muenchhof, and Rolf Isermann: Model-Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Hydraulic Braking Systems. Proceedings of the IFAC 2003 SAFEPROCESS, International Federation of Automatic Control, 2003. Language: Englisch
This paper describes fault detection and diagnosis techniques for a hydraulic passenger car braking system. First, a model of the hydraulic braking system is derived in state space representation. This model is subsequently employed for fault detection and diagnosis. Fault detection is based on the calculation of the loss volume, i.e. the amount of brake fluid consumed due to the presence of a fault. The type of fault is determined by means of a correlation analysis approach. Furthermore, the location of the fault can also be determined. This is accomplished by analyzing the master brake cylinder pressure signals. The paper also presents numerical results of data recorded at a braking system testbed which illustrates the feasibility of the proposed approaches.
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