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1Marco Muenchhof: Robust Jerk Limited Control of Flexible Structures. Master Thesis at the State University of New York, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA. Language: Englisch
Robust control of lightweight maneuvering structures has been of interest to the aerospace and robotics community. The methods developed in this thesis can be used for the design of controllers which are robust to modeling uncertainties. Applications include the control of spacecraft, robots, cranes etc. The proposed techniques are studied for undamped and lightly damped systems and are illustrated on benchmark problems. The use of time delay filters to prefilter the reference inputs to systems has been previously investigated with promising results. This thesis consists of three major segments. The first is concerned with the design of control and control-rate limited controllers for undamped structures by formulating pole cancellation constraints for single-input systems. The resulting control profiles are categorized. The second section deals with the design of robust controllers. A minimax optimization problem is formulated where the maximum magnitude of the residual energy over a hypercube of uncertain space is minimized. The third part of this thesis focuses on multi-input systems. A time-optimal control problem with limits on the control and control-rate is formulated. Pole-cancellation constraints are imposed to generate control sequences that produce quiescent final states.
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