Parity Equations


For parity equations, a process model with fixed parameters is run in parallel to the process. The difference between the process output and the model output is termed residual.

In the fault free case, the model output and the process output should be similar - provided the model is of sufficient fidelity. Thus the difference between the process otuput and the model output should be close to zero.

In the case of a fault, the process behavior will be different from the model behavior, since the model has been designed solely to mimic the fault-free case. Thus, in case of a fault, the residual will deviate more or less strongly from zero, then the residual is termed a deflected residual.


In the video, you can see how the parity based fault detection and diagnosis system detects increased leakage in the hydraulic cylinder. The increased leakage has been simulated by means of an external bypass valve with sufficiently small hydraulic flow in the open position.

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